Freestanding Creative Office on Abbot Kinney

Our client, Scott Ross, just chose a new tenant to occupy his freestanding live/work loft on Abbot Kinney.  The beautiful 3,262 sf building, designed by Mark Mack, has been leased to a marketing company.  The start-up just recently landed a round of funding and will be moving right next to Snapchat's newest office complex.  Snapchat signed a 10-year master lease to occupy a spacious complex at the southeast corner of Abbot Kinney & Venice boulevards.

The property owner, digital media executive and co-founder of Digital Domain, was pleased with the transaction.  When Scott was asked why he chose The Paloma Group to lease his property:

"I generally abhor Real Estate agents… in fact, being in the film business, I’m not too fond of agents of any kind. But every once in awhile, I realize that there are no absolutes. That not only are there some agents that are decent, but some actually are wonderful.  Such was my experience with Lance Lacy at The Paloma Group. He got me a great tenant at market rates in a very short timeframe.  Not only do I like this agent… I actually now consider him a friend."